How to Spend a Perfect Day in Eze with Itinerary Map



Check Point
・Popular village among the “eagle’s nest villages” unique to this region

・Wonderful village with a medieval atmosphere

・Introducing how to get there from Nice by bus

【Village description】

You can visit this small village with a bus from Nice. This village is constructed in a hill and surrounded by walls to protect the enemy’s attack. We call this type of village in this region “Village perché”. Eze is the most popular village for the sightseeing.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 2 h


 12.10 euros(include the round-trip bus)



(if you go to the Nietzsche Path)


Bus Map from Nice to Eze

Click the square mark on the top left of the map to see a list of tourist spots. If you open the enlarge button on the top right corner on your smartphone, this model course will be displayed on Google Maps along with its location information. You can also quickly return to this map from the table of contents in the sidebar (if using a smartphone, select “Go to table of contents” from the menu at the bottom of the screen).


①Nice → Vauban station 【A→B on the map】

If you are at the Nice station of the SNCF, take a tramway of the line 1 at Gare Thiers station to Vauban station.

The price is 1.70 euros.

②Vauban station → Eze 【B→C on the map】

Take the bus of the line 82.

The price is 1.70 euros.


Tramway Map

【Search Time Table】

①Access to the following site.

②Click on the button of「Horaires」and choose the number 82 on the search box「Numéro ou nom de ligne」.

③The search results will appear. You can search for departure times from Nice by selecting “Plateau de la Justice” under destination (vers).

④ After setting the date and time and re-searching, check the time of departure point “Vauban”.
Please note that you will arrive at “Village – Eze”.

⑤For the return bus, look at the destination “Vauban” and check the time “Village – Eze”.


③Bus stop; Eze Village

As Eze is a small village, you can visit without map.

Eze village

Popular Sightseeing Spots

①Exotic Garden

Exotic Garden

Jardin Exotique

Time required: 40 min

Admission fee: 7 euros

Opening hour: 9 am – 6 h 30 pm
(until 4 h 30 pm in winter / until 7 h 30 pm in summer)

Close: No

At the botanical garden set up in the village, you can see a variety of tropical plants such as cacti. You have to go here to get to the top of the village, but the sea view from here is exceptional.

②Eze Church

Eze Church

L’église d’Èze

Time required: 15 min

Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 9 am – 6 pm

Close: No

It is the only church in the village. The yellow inside and outside is reminiscent of a tropical country.

③Nietzsche Path

Nietzsche Path

Chemin de Nietzsche

Time required: 90 min

Admission fee: 0 euro

This is the road from the village to the sea. This is the road that Nietzsche once walked, and it is a very steep mountain road. At the end of the descent, you will arrive at a coastal town where you can see the beautiful sea, but it will be difficult if you are not physically fit. The entrance from Eze is on a gravel road to the left of a fine gated restaurant on the winding slope leading from the bus stop to the village. In this case, you will be returning to Nice by train from the Gare de Eze Sur Mer station, located on the main street just down the road.

Eze beach

You can benefice a calm beach.

Eze beach