Sightseeing route in Quiberon


【City description】

This is a small town at the tip of Quiberon Peninsula. The sardine fishing was famous before, but it’s a beach resort town at present. You can buy the sardine can in the shop. As there is a ferry station, you can visit Beautiful Island which is the biggest island in Bretagne region.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 2 h


 0 euro



【Sightseeing route】


①Quiberon station

Gare de Quiberon

★When you go out from the station, turn left and go to Gare St. When you arrive at a forked road, visit a church on the left hand. It takes 5 minutes by walk.

②Notre-Dame-de-Locmaria Church

Église Notre-Dame-de-Locmaria

Time required: 15 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 9 am – 6 pm

Close: No

★Go to Verdun St and look soon at a fresco on the wall on the left hand.

③Fresco painting of Church Square

Fresque La Place de l’Église

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Continue to walk on Verdun St.

④Tourist Information Center

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Continue to walk on the street. As you arrive at a beach, you can spend a time here. If you continue the visit, turn right to go to Port Maria St. It takes 10 minutes.

⑤Ferry Station

You can visit Beautiful Island from the station.

★Continue to walk on the street for 5 minutes.

⑥Port Maria Beach

Plage Port Maria

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Continue to walk on the street.

⑦The Quiberonnaise

La Quiberonnaise

Time required: 15 min / Admission fee: from 3 euros

Opening hour: 10 am – 12 h 15 / 3 h 15 pm – 7 pm between April and September

Close: 5/1, between October and March

This is a shop of the sardine can.

⑧If you visit between October and March, there is another shop around here.

★Continue to walk on the street. You find a castle. But it’s not accessible to the castle because it’s not open for the visit.

⑨Turpault Castle

Le Château Turpault

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Return the route and go to Port Maria St at a roundabout. As you arrive at Hoche Square where you already passed, go back to the station with the same route. It takes 20 minutes.


Quiberon station

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