Sightseeing route in Chinon


【City description】

It’s the town that Joan of Arc had an audience with Charles VII in the castle. The city is the banks of the Vienne river and we can look it from the castle on the hill. In addition, the wine is a famous production and we can find a wine field from the castle. We present a route map that you visit the castle at first and go to the town.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 5 h 30


 18.50 euros



【Sightseeing route】

Downtown Map


①Chinon station

Gare de Chinon

★Go to Dr Pierre Labussière Avenue for 10 minutes as far as Jeanne d’Arc Square.

②Statue of Joan of Arc

Statue de Jeanne d’Arc

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Go straight on Jeanne d’Arc St and turn right at a small roundabout. It takes 15 minutes.

③Tourist Information Center

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Go to Général de Gaulle Square and go through under a small tunnel to go to a parking.


Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Turn left and go straight on the street for 5 minutes.

⑥Royal Fortress of Chinon

Forteresse Royale de Chinon

Time required: 90 min / Admission fee: 10.50 euros

Opening hour: 9 h 30 am – 6 pm (until 7 pm between May and August / until 5 pm between November and February)

Close: 1/1, 12/25

★Return to Général de Gaulle Square with the elevator. Turn right to go to Voltaire St and turn immediately. It takes 15 minutes.

⑦Wine and Cooperage Museum

Musée du Vin et de la Tonnellerie

Time required: 60 min / Admission fee: 5 euros

Opening hour: 10 am – 6 pm (11 am – 5 pm on weekend, the reservation is necessary)

Close: between October and March

★Continue to walk on Voltaire St.

⑧Art and History Museum

Musée d’Art et d’Histoire Le Carroi

Time required: 40 min / Admission fee: 3 euros

Opening hour: 2 h 30 pm – 6 h 30 pm

Close: Tuesday

★Continue to walk on the street for 5 minutes.

⑨Saint Maurice Church

Église Saint Maurice

Time required: 15 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 11 am – 5 h 30 pm

Close: No

★When you leave the church, turn left. Then, turn left at the dead end and go to Charles VII St beside the river. When you arrive at a bridge, pass it. It takes 15 minutes.

⑩View Point

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Pass the bridge again and turn right. As you come back to the street where you have already walked, return to the station with same route. It takes 25 minutes.


Chinon station