Presentation of Alsace

Region Description

The Alsace region which is located in the north-east in France is near Germany. It is influenced by the German culture and its history because this territory has been in the war between France and Germany. The principal city is Strasbourg and there are wine field on the south of the city.

Cities in Alsace


The principal city in Alsace. The Christmas Market is famous in the world. In addition, there are spots to visit as the red cathedral and the small France which is an area of regional houses.


It’s a town in the south of Strasbourg. We find regional houses built by wood with various colors. The wine is famous.


It’s a city in the south of the region. We find a cathedral and a city hall of the special decoration in a square. We can see about 500 vehicles in the Automobile Museum. It’s the biggest automobile museum in Europe.

Specialty in Alsace

As this region is influenced by German, the Christmas Market is the most famous in France. We find the influence by the wood house and the food like choucroute and kouglof.