Specialty in Franche-Comté

It’s the region of Jura mountains near Switzerland. We’ll present regional specialties benefiting from the vast nature.

Yellow wine(Vin jaune)

The yellow wine is the regional specialty.

The wine uses sauvignons and it takes about 6 years to make it.

Chicken in the yellow wine(Poulet au vin jaune)

It’s the regional food cooked with the yellow wine.

There are regional foods influenced by Bourgogne region like the chicken in the wine.


It’s one of famous cheeses in this region.

We use about 500 littles of milk to make it.

We can eat this cheese with the meal or with the bread after the main dish.

chicken with comté cheese sauce

Mont d’or

It’s the regional cheese.

It’s sold in only the winter at the supermarket.

It’s good to eat melting it.