Presentation of Bourgogne

Region Description

It’s the region where the Duchy of Bourgogne existed before. We can find the historic monuments and buildings in the cities like Dijon. In addition, it’s the region famous for the wine all over the world like Romanée-Conti. There is a wine road on the south of Dijon.

Cities in Bourgogne


It’s a town on the banks of the Yonne river. We find a cathedral from a bridge on the river. There is an abbey separated from the tower and the chapel. In addition, there is a statue of a children’s song “Cadet Rousselle” in the center street.


It’s a town where many roman ruins rest at present. In particular, Temple of Jesus has a mystery ambiance although it rests only some walls.


The areas are separated by the Saône river. In addition, it’s a city where the photo was invented for the first time in the world.


It’s a medieval town on a hill. There are four towers of the fortress in the center street.


It’s the principal city in Bourgogne. We find buildings and the ambiance of the Duchy of Bourgogne as Palace of Duc and Tower of Phillipe of Bon. The mustard and the owl beside a cathedral are popular.


It’s an ancient village on the banks of Saône river. We can visit an abbey with a red clock tower and an ancient hospital to learn the history of this village.


It’s a village on the wine road of Bourgogne named “Grands Crus Road”. When we leave the village, we find a vast golden wine field in the autumn. In addition, the cassis is the specialty and we can visit the museum of the cassis.


When we visit the ancient hospital, we find the Bourgogne decoration on the roof. As this village is on the Grands Crus Road, there are many caves.

Specialty in Bourgogne

There are many specialties in this region like escargots, beef bourguignon and wine. In addition, the decoration on the roof as the ancient hospital in Beaune is popular.