Specialty in Provence

The Mediterranean Sea of Marseille, the Palace of Pape in Avignon.

There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Provence.

We present what the regional specialty is.


It’s the cove that we can find at the Mediterranean Sea.

We find them at the islands where we can visit by ferry from Marseille.


It’s the nature area near the Mediterranean Sea and the delta of Rhone river which is one of the biggest rivers in France.

It’s the marshy area and we find the fabrication of salt.


It’s the regional food in the Mediterranean Sea.

The origin is that the fishers cook fish with the saffron.

Although it’s a fish soup, we can eat cooked fish for the soup as well.

If you want to eat it, you should take a reservation.

Soap of Marseille

It’s a soap made in Provence but it’s popular all over the world.

This is the soap of 100 % natural with the vegetable oil.

Louis XIV established the rules for the fabrication to keep the high quality.


The cicada is the symbol of happiness in Provence.

So, we find the goods of the cicada in the souvenir shop.

Santon of Provence

They are small figures of clay.

They are arranged under the Christmas three and present the seance of the birth of Jesus.

We can buy those figures in the Christmas market.


It’s a cake in Provence, in particular in Aix-en-Provence.

The form is the diamond and the cake is covered by the white sugar cream.

The candied fruits and the almond are used in the cake.