Presentation of Provence

Region Description

It’s a region in the south of France. As it’s near the Mediterranean Sea, many travelers visit this region. We can find the Roman History and the art in the interior region like Avignon and Aix-en-Provence.

Cities in Provence


It’s the entrance of the Mediterranean Sean and the principal city in Provence. The bouillabaisses are the regional food because it’s a port town and we fish much. In addition, there are sightseeing spots as Basilic on a hill and an old area.

②Les Îles / Île d’If

We can visit those islands by ferry from Marseille. We can find the calanque which is the special cove in Provence. Because the If island is presented in a noble, visitors go to the castle on the island.


There are many fountains in the city. Paul Cezanne was born and painted many artworks here. The cake of Calisson is the specialty in this city.


It’s a town surrounded by the Sorgue river and we find many waterwheels in the town. In addition, the town is famous for the antiquity and people come to buy the antiquity on weekend.


It’s a historic town where the Palace of Pape exists. The town is surrounded by ramparts and has a medieval ambiance. There is a destroyed bridge on Rhone river which became a children’s song.


We can visit this town when we pass a bridge from Avignon. The fortress exists on a hill at present and we discover a beautiful view from the rampart.


It’s a town on the banks of Rhône rive and which fascinated Van Gogh. There are places where he painted as his artwork. In addition, we find Roman ruins like theatre and arena.

Specialty in Provence

The region Provence is in the face of the Mediterranean Sea and there are regional seafoods like bouillabaisses. In addition, the calanque is the beautiful view in the nature. In the region interior, we find the History by the Roman ruins.