Presentation of Rhône-Alpes

Region Description

This is the central region in France and near Switzerland. It was the trade route with the Mediterranean Sea and Italie for a long time. As the result, the cultures and the foods are integrated in the region. So, we call Lyon “the gastronomy city” and there are many regional foods. In addition, the Savoie region was a country before and there are specialties with the regional cheese. Some towns like Vienne and Valence developed with the Rhone river which is one of the biggest rivers in France.

Cities in Rhône-Alpes


It’s the principal city in this region. The two rivers, the Rhône and the Soane, circle in the city and this is the second biggest city in France although it’s is small. There are many sightseeing spots like bouchon which is the specific regional restaurant in Lyon, and buildings in the old area. The light festival takes place at the beginning of December with the light illumination in the city.


The north-west of Lyon is the Beaujolais region famous for the wine. The village of Oingt is located on a hill. It is registered in the most beautiful villages in France. The buildings are constructed by the golden stones which are mined in this region.


It’s one of the most beautiful villages in France. Although we can finish the visit for only one hour, we can feel the medieval ambiance while the walking. The medieval festival takes place at the beginning of the summer and habitants walk in the village with the medieval costume.


It’s the town where the most expensive and famous chicken is produced. So, the quality of chicken is excellent. The abbey in the urban has a beautiful decoration not only the façade but also the roof.


It’s the town on the banks of Annecy lake which is the purest lake in Europe. So, many travelers visit the town to benefit the like in the summer. The canals circle in the old area and we call it the small Venetia. The cheese fondu of Savoie is the specialty and we can eat it at the restaurants.


It’s the ancient capital of the country of Savoie. The elephant fountain is also famous.


It’s the city where the winter Olympic took place twice. It’s the city for students at present. When we go up on a mountain by the funicular in form of ball, we can see Alpes Mountains on a castle.


It’s a town on the banks of Rhône river. We find Roman ruins like theatre in the town. The Jazz concert takes place at the Roman theatre in the summer.


It’s a town on the banks of Rhône river as well. There is a famous restaurant.

Specialty in Rhône-Alpes

As we call Lyon “the gastronomy city”, there are many regional foods. The chicken of Bresse, the wine of Beaujolais and the cheese of Savoie. We can’t eat all specialties for a few days on the trip. In addition, there are historic Roman towns.