Specialty in Rhône-Alpes

The Rhône-Alpes region where is located near Switzerland has sightseeing sites like wine in Beaujolais and the Olympic city of Grenoble.

In particular, Lyon is the gastronomy city because it’s on the trade route and regional foods integrated in the city.

So, there are many regional foods here.

Alpes Mountains

The Alpes mountains is located in the east of the region.

When it’s sunny, we can see those mountains and Mt. Blanc from Lyon.

We can benefit the hiking in the summer and the ski in the winter on the mountains.


It’s the type of restaurant in Lyon.

Although the price isn’t expensive, we can eat so much.

Of course, we can eat regional foods.

We use the red and white nappe as the symbol of the Bouchon.


It’s the most famous specialty in Lyon.

We cook the mashed fish with the flour, eggs and seasonings.

We mix those ingredients and make it in the cylindrical form before heat.

We eat it with the crayfish sauce.

Salads of Lyon(salades lyonnaises )

In specific, there are bacons, poached egg and crouton in the salads.

Brain of Canut(cervelle de canut)

It’s the regional foods with the cheese.

We don’t use the brain at all.

We eat this specialty with potatoes and hams.

Cake of chicken liver(gâteau de fois de volaille)

Although we eat the foie gras as terrine, it’s the cake. It’s soft.

Brioche of sausage(saucisson brioche)

There is a sausage in a brioche. We eat it as the entrée.


It’s a sausage which is eaten in France.

But the Andouillette in Lyon doesn’t use the pork but the beef.

Apron of Sapper(tablier de sapeur)

It looks like an apron but it’s the stomach of beef.

It’s elastic and difficult to cut with knife.

As the taste isn’t strong, we eat it with the sauce.

Cushion of Lyon(Coussin de Lyon)

It’s a sweet in Lyon.

There is a history that the habitants give a green cushion to Virgin Marie.

It has the ganache of almond and orange.

It’s a popular souvenir in Lyon.


It’s a sweet in Lyon and a sugar colored in red with almond.

We can it with brioche, tarte and cookie in Lyon.


It’s a cake sold in France entirely.

But the bugnes in Lyon are thin.


It’s the chocolate which we find in the supermarket before the Christmas.

There is a memo noting a short history or a proverb with a chocolate.

This idea was made in a chocolate shop in Lyon.

Chicken in Bresse

Bourg-en-Bresse in the north of Lyon is the town famous for the chicken in France.

In particular, the chicken named “chapon” is the expensive and famous chicken for the Christmas.

Gratin of Dauphine(gratin dauphinois )

It’s a gratin of Dauphine region where Grenoble exists.

We cook potatoes with the bechamel sauce.


It’s the cheese which we eat in the winter.

It’s the regional cheese in Savoie near the Alpes.

We melt the raclette cheese and eat with potatoes and hams.

The French people have a special machine to melt the cheese in the house.

Gratin of Savoie

It’s the gratin of the Savoie region.

We can eat it at the restaurants in Annecy.

We use much Savoie cheese.

Wine of Beaujolais(Vin Beaujolais)

We can visit the Beaujolais region only 30 minutes from Lyon.

We find wine fields and wine shops in villages like Oingt.

Sausage of grape

It’s a regional food in Beaujolais.

We cook sausages with grapes of Beaujolais.

Golden stones(Pierre d’oré)

It’s the stones mined in Beaujolais.

We can find the villages with golden stones in Beaujolais.