Presentation of Loire

Region Description

It’s the region where the Loire river cercles and there are castles like Chambord of Francois 1st and Chenonceau above the river. In addition, there are sites of Joan of Arc like Orleans and Leonard da Vinci has stayed in Amboise until his dead.

Cities in Loire


It’s a town that Joan of Arc released from the British army. We can find the statue, the museum and the festival of Joan of Arc.


It’s one of the most popular castles in Loire. Although Francois 1st constructed this castle for the hunt, it’s the biggest castle in this region. There is a spiral stage inspired by Leonard da Vinci in the castle.


The feature of castle in Blois is that there are some genres of the architecture. There is a shuttle bus to go to Chambord, Cheverny and Beauregard from the train station between spring and summer.


It’s one of three castles that the shuttle bus from Blois stops. It’s a beautiful residence lather than a castle. There is a salon of hundreds of portraits.


It’s a castle where the family lives at present. We can visit in the castle with familial rooms decorated by family photos. The castle is famous because it was presented in a manga of Tintin and there is its museum.


It’s a castle with a beautiful garden. The international garden festival takes place every year. We can find a beautiful decoration in the castle as well.


It’s the town where Leonard da Vinci has stayed until his dead. His tomb exists in a chapel of the castle. His residence is open as his museum at present.


It’s one of the most famous castles in Loire. The feature is that the castle owner has been women for centuries. In addition, the gallery is constructed above the Loire river like bridge.


It’s a citadel of a fortress governed by Agnes Sellier who is famous for her beauty. There is a castle, a chapel, a donjon and a clock tower.


It’s the principal city in Loire and it was the capital of France before. There are wooden buildings in an old area.


It’s a castle where there is the oldest fortress in France. It’s possible to go up on the fortress and see the castle from a hole. In addition, we can admire beautiful tapestry and decorated rooms.


The form of the castle is like L. when we see this castle from a lake, we find a beautiful façade with the reflection of water.


It’s the castle where Joan of Arc had an audience with Charles IV. There is a tall clock tower at the entrance. In addition, the wine of Chinon is popular and there is a wine museum in the town.


The castle of Saumur is located on a hill and we can see the town and the Loire river. The equitation is famous and there is the school of equitation.


The castle of Angers has black ramparts and the biggest tapestry in the world. In addition, the sundae of Angers is the specialty.


Nantes is the city in the west of Loire. The castle is famous for the Edict of Nantes. There is a mechanic amusement park on the island.

Specialty of Loire

Of course, the castle is the most famous touristic site in this region. But there is are specialties like tarte Tatin.