Presentation of Occitania

Region Description

It’s the region on the border of Spain. There are characteristic cities like Toulouse “the pink city”, Carcassonne of the citadel. Although the region is near the Mediterranean Sea, the specialty is the meat like duck confit.

Cities in Occitania


As there is a legend that Virgin Mary appeared in this town, it’s the sanctuary spot and many pilgrims visit. We can visit the spring where Virgin Mary appeared and get that water by taps.


It’s the principal city in Occitania. We call the city “the pink city” because the building color is pink. In addition, the city is famous for the air and space technology.


The town keeps pink buildings like Toulouse, but the ambiance is like medieval epoch. The cathedral in the center street has a beautiful blue interior decoration. In addition, there is a museum of Toulouse-Lautrec who designed many posters.


It’s the most famous citadel in France. When we enter the citadel, we find a medieval world which hasn’t changed for many centuries.


It’s the city influenced by the Catalan culture. When we walk on the street, we feel that we are in Spain. When we visit a palace, we can see a beautiful city view.


It’s the principal city in Languedoc-Roussillon region and famous for an academic city. The old area is like labyrinth, but we can find beautiful landscapes easily.

Specialty in Occitania

The cassoulet is the regional famous food as well as the duck confit. It’s the dish that we cook white beans, the duck and sausages in a cocotte. In addition, we can eat Catalan specialties in Perpignan because this city is influenced by this culture.