Presentation of Occitania

【Region Description】 It’s the region on the border of Spain. There are characteristic cities like Toulouse “the pink city”, Carcassonne of the citadel. Although the region is near the Mediterranean Sea, the specialty is the meat like duck confit. 【Cities in Occitania】 ①Lourdes As there is a legend that Virgin Mary appeared in this town, […]

Specialty of Loire

It’s the region of the Loire river which is one of the fours biggest rivers in France. We’ll see the specialties in this region. 【Castles】 There are many castles in particular on the banks of the Loire river. So, many visitors come to the region. We find the beautiful façade, the beautiful interior decoration with […]

Presentation of Loire

【Region Description】 It’s the region where the Loire river cercles and there are castles like Chambord of Francois 1st and Chenonceau above the river. In addition, there are sites of Joan of Arc like Orleans and Leonard da Vinci has stayed in Amboise until his dead. 【Cities in Loire】 ① Orléans It’s a town that […]