Specialty in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

It’s the region of the Atlantic and there are Pyrenees Mountains in the south of the region. We can find the culture and foods in the Basque country. 【Port wine】 There are vast wine fields near Bordeaux. The type of grape is the cavern, the sauvignon and the merlot. The wine fields are in the […]

Presentation of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

【Region Description】 It’s the region of the Atlantic coast like Bordeaux famous for the port wine. There are cities like La Rochelle in the north of Bordeaux and the Basque region like Bayonne. 【Cities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine】 ① Poitiers  It’s the historical city where Joan of Arc was jugged and the Battle of Poitiers was occurred. […]

Specialty in Occitania

It’s the region near the Pyrenees that has cities influenced by the Catalan culture. We’ll see the specialties in this region. 【Red buildings】 Toulouse is called the pink city because of the red buildings. We can see them in Albi as well. 【Violets】 The violet is famous in this region. So, we can buy the […]