Sightseeing route in Carcassonne


【City description】

It’s one of the most popular touristic sites in France. The fortress on a hill is a citadel which keep a medieval landscape. It was a base camp of the Crusader. Although it’s far from the station to the citadel, we can find the local life in the town and a beautiful landscape from the bridge.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 6 h


 12.50 euros



【Sightseeing route】


①Carcassonne station

Gare de Carcassonne

★Go to Maréchal Joffre Avenue in front of the station while walking on the center street. It takes 15 minutes.

②Square of Général de Gaulle

Place de Général de Gaulle

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Go straight on Commandant Roumens Boulevard for 10 minutes.

③Old Bridge

Pont Vieux

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Pass the bridge and go to Trivalle St. When you find a sign written “LA CITE” on the right hand, go up Gustave Nadaud St. It takes 15 minutes.

④Narbonnaise Gate

Porte Narbonnaise

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

It’s possible to go up on the rampart.

Temps requis : 30 min / Admission fee : 9 euros inclued ⑧

★Go to Cros Mayrevieille St qnd turn right at Château Square.

⑤Public toilets

★Continue to walk on Plo St.

⑥Museum of the school

Musée de l’École

Time required: 30 min / Admission fee: 3.50 euros

Opening hour: 10 am – 6 pm (until 5 pm in winter)

Close: No

⑦Saint Nazaire Basilic

Basilique Saint Nazaire

Time required: 20 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 8 am – 6 h 30 pm (until 8 pm in summer / until 5 h 30 pm in winter)

                    8 am – 10 h 45 am / 12 h 30 – 6 h 30 pm on Sunday

Close: No

★Go to Saint-Louis St in front of the basilic and turn right at the dead end. It takes 5 minutes.

⑧Comtal Castle

Château Comtal

Time required: 60 min / Admission fee: 9 euros

Opening hour: 9 h 30 am – 5 pm between October and March /
10 am – 6 h 30 pm between April and September

Close: No

★Walk in the citadel as you want. When you leave the citadel, return to the old bridge and turn right to go to another bridge. It takes 20 minutes.

⑨New Bridge

Pont Neuf

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

It’s a view point.

★Pass the New Bridge and go to Gambetta Square. It takes 10 minutes.

⑩Art Museum

Musée des Beaux-Arts de Carcassonne

Time required: 60 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 10 am – noon / 2 pm – 6 pm

Close: Sunday, Monday

★Go to Verdun St beside the museum and turn right at the third crossroad. As you return to the street where you’ve already walked, go straight to go back to the station. It takes 15 minutes.


Carcassonne station