List of French Cities

Vannes cityscape


Eiffel Tower

【City Description】

It’s the French capital. As there are so many sightseeing spots like Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, you need several days for the visit. We show you three routes to visit main sightseeing spots on this site.


Strasbourg cityscape

【Region Description】

It is a region that can be reached in 2 to 3 hours east of Paris, and because it is close to Germany, you can feel Germany in the language and buildings. Strasbourg is famous for its Christmas markets, and its main city is Strasbourg.


Versailles Palace

Region Description

A region in northern France that includes Paris. . Although it is small, there are many places to see, such as the Palace of Versailles and Chantilly, which is famous for its horse racing, so it is recommended that you go on a day trip.


Le Puy en Velay cityscape

【Region Description】

This is a region in the center of France where you can see black buildings made of volcanic rock because it is a volcano. It is also the starting point for pilgrimages to Spain and the region where Volvik, famous for its waters, is located. The main city is Clermont-Ferrand.

⑤French Riviera

Nice Ocean

Region Description

It is a resort region in southern France facing the Mediterranean Sea. Famous cities such as Nice, Cannes, and the Principality of Monaco line up, and in addition to the sea, the inland areas such as Eze and other “Eagle’s nest villages” are also attractive. I recommend Nice as your base.


Lille cityscape

Region Description

It is a region north of Paris that borders Belgium, and people who come to this region consume more beer than wine. The central city is Lille.


Besancon citadel

Region Description

It is a mountainous region near Switzerland, and is also a producer of yellow wine, which is rare in France. The main city is Besancon.


Golden wine field in Nuits Saint Georges

Region Description

This region is famous for its wine production, and the highest quality wine, Romanée-Conti, is also produced here. Mustard is also famous in the central city of Dijon.


Dinan cityscape

Region Description

It is a region west of Paris and can be reached in 2 to 3 hours by train. Many traces of the former Duchy of Brittany remain, and the Breton language still remains. Famous foods include galettes and Kouign-amann.


Avignon Rhone river

Region Description

It is a region facing the Mediterranean Sea with Marseille as its central city, and in the interior there are many ruins from the Roman Empire era. There are many towns and villages such as Avignon that have a medieval atmosphere.


Limoges pottery museum

Region Description

Like the Auvergne region, it is a region in central France, but it is a mountainous region and is very difficult to access. The main city is Limoges, famous for its pottery.



Region Description

It is a popular tourist spot in France. You can join a tour, but here we will introduce how to go on your own.


Lyon cityscape

Region Description

It is a region in the east-central part of France, and it is a two-hour train ride from the central city of Lyon to Geneva, Switzerland. There are many cities with attractions such as Annecy, which has the clearest lake in Europe, and Grenoble, where the Winter Olympics were held.

⑭Lorraine, Champagne

Nancy Stanislas Square

Region Description

You can also take a day trip from Paris to Nancy, famous for Art Nouveau, and Reims, the center of Champagne production, which is located just east of the Ile-de-France region where Paris is located. From Nancy you can also go to Baccarat and neighboring Luxembourg.

⑮Loire Valley

Chambord Castle

Region Description

It is a region in the south of the Ile-de-France where Paris is located, and many castles remain along the Rhône River, one of France’s four major rivers. It’s easily accessible from Paris, so many people go there to visit castles. Their specialty is tarte tatin, which is similar to apple pie.


Toulouse sunset

Region Description

It is a region bordering Spain and has many attractions such as Toulouse, known as the rose-colored city, Carcassonne, famous for its huge fortified city, and Perpignan, where you can feel the atmosphere of Spain. Specialties include cassoulet, which is made with duck meat and a large amount of beans baked in an oven.


Bordeaux Bourse Square

Region Description

The region is centered around Bordeaux, which is famous for its port wine, and the atmosphere is different between the north and south of Bordeaux. To the north are Poitiers, where Joan of Arc was tried, and to the south are Biarritz, a resort town on the Atlantic Ocean, and Bayonne, where Basque culture remains.