Regional Specialty in France

There are specialties in each French region.

If you know what is the specialty like food and architecture before your visit, your trip will more confortable and amazing.

Let’s check for your trip plan.


The region of Alsace is in the est of France and shares the border with Germany.

We find the alsacien culture influenced by Germany like food, architecture and Christmas market.


The Auvergne region is located in the center of France and in the volcanic region.

So there are hot springs and we find black buildings using the volcanic rock.

The lentil, the aligot and the tripou are the regional food.

③Côte d’Azur

The Côté d’Azur region seduces many people for the summer vacation because of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cannes, Nice and Monaco are located in the beachside, and in the interior region, the village on the hill called “le village perché” is famous for the travelers.

The regional food is mainly seafood but the vegetal food is popular like socca as well.


It’s the eastern region in France and shares the border with Switcherland.

The region benefices of the vast nature by the Jura mountains.

So, the cheese is famous like Comté and there is a cheese sold during certain season named Mont d’OR.

Furthermore, the yellow wine is made only in this region in this country.


The Bourgogne region is in the south of the Franche-Comte and is famous for the wine.

The Romanée Conti is made in this region and there are many domaines in the wine field.

We find the special regional motif on the roof and the bœuf bourguignon and escargots are famous for the regional food.


The Bretagne region keeps the unique culture for a longtime.

The bretonne language existes at present and there are legends.

There are many regional foods like sarrasin galette and Kouign-amann. In general, they use much butter for the cook.


It’s the south region in France like Marseille.

The region is in face of the Mediterranean Sea like Côte d’Azur, it’s the herber rather than the beach like Nice and Cannes.

There are historic cities like Avignon and Arles in the interior region.

The Marseille soap and the bouillabaisses are famous.


The Rhône-Alpes region is near Alples.

There are many ski station and the winter Olympic took place two times in Grenoble.

Lyon is a famous city for the gastronomy and there many specialties like quenelles.

⑨Lorraine et Champagne

The Lorraine and Champagne region is located between Paris and Alsace.

It’s composed Lorraine famous for the quiche and Champagne famous for the champagne.

The Saint Nicolas festival takes place in the beginning of December and the Art Nouveau developed in Nancy.


It’s the region where there are many castles near the Loire river.

We can find that there are various type of castles like elegant and fortress.

Leonardo da Vinci is dead in a city of this region and the tart Tatin is a regional famous food.


The Occitanie region is near the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains.

We find pink buildings in Toulouse and Albi.

Concerning the regional food, the chicken is famous and the confit canard, the cassoulet and the foie gras are popular.

When you visit the cities near Spain like Perpignan, you can eat the catalane food.

⑫Nouvelle Aquitaine

It’s the region in front of the Atlantique.

The port wine of Bordeaux is famous.

When you visit the southern region, there are beaches like Biarritz and you find the basque culture like Bayonne.