Specialty in Provence

The Mediterranean Sea of Marseille, the Palace of Pape in Avignon. There are a lot of sightseeing spots in Provence. We present what the regional specialty is. 【Calanque】 It’s the cove that we can find at the Mediterranean Sea. We find them at the islands where we can visit by ferry from Marseille. 【Camargue】 It’s […]

Presentation of Provence

【Region Description】 It’s a region in the south of France. As it’s near the Mediterranean Sea, many travelers visit this region. We can find the Roman History and the art in the interior region like Avignon and Aix-en-Provence. 【Cities in Provence】 ① Marseille It’s the entrance of the Mediterranean Sean and the principal city in […]

Sightseeing route in Les Îles / If Island

Les Îles / Île d’If 【Islands description】 Those Islands are located near Marseille. So, you visit there by ferry. Les Îles is composed by Ratonneau Island and Frioul Island. You can find “Calanques” which is the rocky coast we can find in this region. In If Island, there is a prison where many political offenses […]