Presentation of Franche-Comté

Region Description

The region Franche-Comté is near Switzerland and has the vast nature of the Jura mountains. It’s also famous for the yellow wine which is the specialty only in this region.

Cities in Franche-Comté


It’s the principal city in this region. There is a citadel on a hill and the city is surrounded by Doubs River. Victor Hugo, the author of Les Misérables, was born in this city and his house is open in public as the museum.


It’s a wine village in Franche-Comté. So, we find wine shops in the center street. When we pass a bridge, we find a beautiful view with traditional buildings. We can taste the delicious cakes in a chocolate shop which is open also in Tokyo.

Specialty in Franche-Comté

Although the yellow wine is famous as we present you at the beginning, the Comté cheese is the regional food as well. The Mont d’Or cheese is popular but it’s sold only in the winter.