Specialty in Franche-Comté

Besancon landscape

The Franche-Comté region is located in the Jura Mountains, bordering Switzerland, and is a mountainous region centered around Besançon. Let’s take a look at some of the specialties that make use of this natural environment.

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①Yellow wine

This yellow wine is a unique wine in France. It is made from the Sauvignon grape variety and must be aged for at least 6 years.

②Chicken in the yellow wine

Chicken in the yellow wine

One of the most common dishes using yellow wine is stewed with chicken. There are many dishes made with famous wines from the neighboring Burgundy region, and as a result of this influence, similar dishes are sometimes made with yellow wine. The dish in the photo is coq au vin, a Burgundy specialty, simmered in yellow wine. This is a dish where you can enjoy the fruity aroma of chicken and the slight sourness of wine.

③Comté Cheese

Comté Cheese

This cheese is so famous that it is the name of this region. It takes 500 liters of milk to make one, so it is sold in very large sizes. It is generally eaten before dessert, but it is also sometimes used in cooking.

Chicken grill with yellow wine sauce
chicken with comté cheese sauce

④Vacherin Mont d’Or Cheese

Vacherin Mont d'Or Cheese

This is a famous cheese named Golden Mountain. Warm it up to make a cheese fondue with a limited time cheese that is only sold in winter.

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