Presentation of Franche-Comté

Arbois cityscape

Region Description

The Franche-Comté region, which borders Switzerland, is blessed with the natural beauty of the Jura Mountains. Wine production is also flourishing, and they also produce yellow wine, which is unique to this region.

Cities in Franche-Comté



It is the central city of this region. It is built like a Japanese castle town, with a castle on top of a small hill and a city below. It is also the birthplace of Victor Hugo, the author of “Les Misérables.”


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The town is located in an area famous for its wine production. Lined with wine shops, the view from the river will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. It is also home to the main branch of a famous chocolate shop.


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Specialty in Franche-Comté

In addition to the yellow wine introduced at the beginning, cheese production is also popular. It is also popular to make cheese fondue with Comté cheese and a cheese called Mont d’Or that is only available in winter.