Presentation of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Region Description

It’s the region of the Atlantic coast like Bordeaux famous for the port wine. There are cities like La Rochelle in the north of Bordeaux and the Basque region like Bayonne.

Cities in Nouvelle-Aquitaine


It’s the historical city where Joan of Arc was jugged and the Battle of Poitiers was occurred. There is a cathedral on a hill and we can find stained glass of Joan of Arc there.

②La Rochelle

It’s a town in face of the Atlantic and there are three towers in the port. We find buildings of Renaissance and can learn about the history that people went to the America by the ship from this town in a museum.


It’s the principal city in the region and is located on the banks of Garonne river which is one of the four biggest rivers in France. We can find beautiful landscapes of a palace by the water reflect at Bourse Square. In addition, the city is registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and we call this city “the port of the moon”.


The town is on a hill, so we go up with a funicular. When we arrive in the town, we can see the Pyrenees Mountains. There is a castle of Henri IV.


It’s the principal city in the Basque country. We can find characteristic buildings decorated by red or green. In addition, it’s the city where the chocolate arrived in France for the first time and there are many famous chocolate shops.


It’s the resort town in the region. There are hotels, boutiques and a beach. Le G20 took place in 2019. We can see the statue of Virgin Mary on a rock by the sea.


It’s a seaside town like Biarritz, but there are Basque buildings like Bayonne. Louis XIV had a wedding in a church and their residences is used for the museum at present.

Specialty in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

There are vast wine fields near Bordeaux and the beach of Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz in the south of the region. When we visit the Basque country, we find Basque buildings and the culture. In addition, the chocolate of Bayonne is famous because it became popular from this city in France.