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La Rochelle Cityscape

The region facing the Atlantic Ocean, centered around Bordeaux, lies in the Pyrenees Mountains to the south. This area is a region where Basque culture still remains, and its characteristics can be seen in the culture and food.

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Basque buildings in Bayonne

This area, centered around Bayonne and close to Spain’s Pyrenees Mountains, is an area with a strong Basque culture. The building has distinctive red and green window frames on the castle wall, and has its own unique sports and ethnic costumes. The symbol is a mark that looks like a windmill.

Specialty product

Basque Linen

The linen is characterized by its white background with red and green patterns, similar to the buildings in this region. It also features the Basque symbol mark, making it cute and suitable as a souvenir or for yourself.

Local cuisine

wine bottles

This region, including Bordeaux, is famous for its wine production. Cabernet, Sauvignon and Merlot are the grape varieties of this region. The main vineyards are located mainly in the north and east of Bordeaux.


A famous sweet from Bordeaux. Although it is shaped like a Gugelhupf, it is very small and fits in the palm of your hand, and can be found in bakeries all over the country. The outside is covered in caramel and is crunchy, and the inside is chewy. There are famous specialty stores in Bordeaux, and it is also a staple for souvenirs.


A traditional soup from Béarn, near the Pyrenees, containing cabbage, ham, cheese, etc. It has a refreshing taste.

Bayonne ham

Bayonne ham is one of the specialties of this Basque region. It is popular as an aperitif or eaten with salad.


A classic dish from the Basque region. This is a dish made of minced meat and vegetables stewed with tomatoes. It has a refreshing taste with plenty of tomato flavor.


A Basque dish made with sweet and spicy grilled ham and placed on top of an omelet. Personally, I felt like I was eating sweet and spicy bacon and eggs. It seems to be a dish that is used because ham is a specialty product.

Chicken Basquaise

This is a dish of vegetables stewed with tomatoes and served over chicken. The combination of juicy chicken and sweet and sour tomato sauce is very good, making it very easy to eat.

Tarte Basquaise

Like other Basque dishes, this dish uses tomatoes. It’s a tartlet simmered in tomato sauce and baked, giving it a pizza-like taste.

Gâteau Basque

It is one of the specialty sweets of this region, and is made by baking almonds and cookie dough with dark cherries. It’s crispy on the outside, and the sweet and sour taste of dark cherries fills your mouth from the inside.

Macaron Basque

These are simple macarons that are different from the stylish image of cream sandwiched between them. It is thought that it originally looked like this, but has evolved into its current form. Therefore, you can enjoy the taste of the dough itself, and it is a dish with a rich almond flavor.


Fresh cheese produced in this region. Since it is solidified like yogurt, it is served as a dessert by drizzling it with honey.

mousse chocolate

Bayonne is said to be the place where chocolate and cacao came to France from Spain. For this reason, there are many chocolate shops in Bayonne. Among them, the mousse chocolate produced by the chocolatier Cazenave is one of the most famous products in this town.

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