Belgium Specialties to enjoy your trip

Cityscape in Brussels

Belgium has three official languages: French, German, and Dutch, and its culture differs depending on the region. Let’s take a look at the differences in food as well. We will introduce some familiar foods as well as some that are not well known in Japan.



waffle in Belgium

Many people think of waffles when they think of Belgian food. There are actually two types of Belgian waffles: Brussels style and Liege style. The Brussels style has a square shape, and the Liege style has a round shape. In the streets of Brussels, you can eat square waffles with various toppings.

Waffles shop in Brussels

②French fries

french fries

The familiar French fries actually originated in Belgium. Locally it’s called frites, and they use a variety of potatoes called Beanchu, and the manufacturing process is more detailed than you might think and it’s just that much more delicious. The common topping is mayonnaise, but you can also choose from a variety of sauces.


Germany is famous for beer in Europe, but Belgium is also famous for beer. In fact, even in France, the northern part of the country near the Belgian border consumes more beer than wine. There are many restaurants in Brussels where you can sample five different beers.


Godiva in Brussels

Belgian chocolate is also famous for its deliciousness, and there are eight chocolate shops in Belgium that have been approved by the royal family. Godiva and Pierre Marconi are among the world famous. The Galeries Saint-Hubert arcade in Brussels is home to many of these shops.



A classic Belgian dish made of beef stewed in beer. It is made by boiling beer for a long time without using water. It has a rich flavor and the meat is quite soft and easy to eat.



This dish originates from Ghent, a city in western Belgium. It is characterized by being served straight from the pot, but I didn’t notice much difference in the chicken stew from the original Japanese version.

⑦Vol au Vent

Vol au Vent

Chicken and mushroom stew is inside a cylindrical pie crust. There is a similar dish in France called Bouche la Reine.

⑧Shrimp cream croquette

Shrimp cream croquette

Croquette is a French word, but in French, croquette actually refers to cat food, and French people are sometimes surprised when you tell them you’ve eaten croquette. Cream croquettes made with shrimp are the most common type of croquette in Belgium.


⑨7 great treasures

Antwerp Rubens Descension of Christ

In Belgium, there are so-called seven treasures, one kept in each city.

Of the seven below, 1 to 5 are also introduced on this site.

① Brussels: The Fall of Icarus (Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium)

② Liege: Baptismal Font (St. Bartholomew Church)

③Antwerp: Descent of Christ (Cathedral of Our Lady)

④Ghent: Mysterious Lamb (St. Bavo Cathedral)

⑤Bruges: Saint Ursula’s Reliquary (Memling Museum)

⑥Namur: Oigny Reliquary (Namur Classical Museum)

⑦Tournai: Reliquary (Cathedral of Our Lady)

⑩Flower Carpet

ブリュッセル フラワーカーペット

This is an event held once every two years around August 15th at the Grand Presse in Brussels. Create a huge patterned carpet by laying flowers of different types and colors. Work begins early in the morning and is completed by the evening of the same day. Each time there is a theme, and when I went, the theme was Mexico. At night, you can enjoy a spectacle of lights and sounds.

⑪Assumption of Mary

Assumption of Mary in Lieges

This festival is held in Liège where Mary worship is strong, on August 15th, the feast day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and is held in a district across the river from the center. There will be a giant puppet parade and live performances. The next day, a unique festival is held where people dance and make noise while wearing mourning clothes.

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