Sightseeing route in Belle-Île


【Island description】

It is the biggest island in Bretagne. The meaning is the beautiful island and you can visit by ferry from Quiberon or Vannes. The artist Monet stayed in this island for one month and drew many paintings. If you have much time, you should stay in this island for a few days. If it’s the one-day trip, you participate in a visit tour by bus or visit yourself. We show you the visit by yourself in this site.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 3 h 30


 8.50 euros (except the ticket for the ferry)



【Sightseeing route】



You can visit Belle-Île by ferry from Quiberon or Vannes. We show you the ferry from Quiberon in this site. To find the ferry station in Quiberon, visit the page of this city. As the time schedule depends on the day, check the following site.

Time required : 45 min
Admission fee : 15 euros between October and March, 17.50 euros between April and September

Time schedule

★We present the route from the port. If you want to visit other sightseeing spots, you should participate in a guide tour. For the registration, visit 7 on the map.

Time required : 5 hours
Admission fee : 44 euros

Company site

①Ferry station

Station Service pour bateaux

Get off here.

②Tourist Information Center

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Go to Jules Simon St and go to Jacques le Blanc St at a roundabout. Then, pass a bridge and go up the street. It takes 10 minutes by walk.

③Citadel Vauban

Citadelle Vauban

Time required: 90 min / Admission fee: 8.50 euros

Opening hour: 9 h 30 am – 6 pm (until 5 pm in winter)

Close: January

View from the citadel

★Go back the route and when you pass the bridge again, go straight. Then, turn left at the end and go straight. It takes 5 minutes.

④Saint-Gérand Church

Église Saint-Gérand

Time required: 20 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

Opening hour: 9 am – 6 pm

Close: No

★Continue to walk on the street and turn right at the roundabout. Go up the Carnot Avenue for 15 minutes.

⑤Vauban Gate

Porte Vauban

Time required: 10 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

★Turn left in front of the gate to go to Remparts St. When you find a small gate on the right hand, pass the gate. Then, go to left at a forked road. It takes 20 minutes.

⑥Ramonette Fortress

Fort Ramonette

Time required: 5 min / Admission fee: 0 euro

It’s not accessible in the interior.

★Go back the route. When you pass the small gate again, turn right to go to Willaumez St. As you go back to Carnot Avenue, go down the street and return to the ferry station. It takes 30 minutes.


Ferry Station