Specialty in Brittany

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Brittany is a region in France that has had a unique culture for a long time. Therefore, there are many specialties unique to this region. Typical specialties include buckwheat crepes and Kouign-amann, but there are many other dishes as well.

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Specialty product

Oil Sardine

Canned sardines soaked in oil. There is a famous store in Quiberon, but you can get it at any supermarket in France, but there are also several specialty stores in Brittany. The size is small and recommended as a souvenir.

Guérande salt

Salt from Guérande, Brittany, one of France’s leading salt producing regions, can be found at imported food stores. Souvenir shops sell a variety of flavored items. Regular salt can be found at any supermarket.

Quimper pottery

Quimper pottery is famous in France. It is characterized by brightly colored decorations with large blank spaces, and some people come from far away to see it.


Bécassine is the mascot character of the Brittany region. She wears Celtic folk costume, with a white apron and hood as her trademarks. She can buy the goods at the souvenir shop.


Buckwheat galette

A classic dish from the Brittany region. It is also called a galette, and there are many restaurants in the towns of Brittany. In addition to side dishes topped with bacon and fried eggs, you can also enjoy sweet crepes as desserts. When you eat at a restaurant, cider comes with the set.

Kouign amann

This is a famous bread from Brittany. The name itself is not French, but a Breton word that has remained in this area for a long time. It’s baked with plenty of salted butter, a local specialty, which gives it a great buttery flavor. The specialty dishes of the Brittany region are characterized by the fact that they often use a large amount of butter.

Far Breton

This is a cake from Brittany that has a chewy texture that resembles a slightly firm pudding. It contains plum fruit inside, and is made to bring out the sweetness of the fruit.

Quatre quart

This pound cake gets its name from the fact that it uses 25% each of wheat, egg, butter, and sugar, which is why it is called “four quarters.” It has a fluffy, chewy texture and a simple taste, but there are also some with added twists, such as kneading caramel into it.

Ker y Pom

This bread looks like a straw hat. It looks like bread is on top of a sable, and there are sliced apples and chocolate inside the bread. Some places also add fruits such as bananas and pears.

Brittany Cake

It is a famous confectionery that resembles a large butter cookie. This is a dish that fills your mouth with the taste and aroma of butter.

Roll of guinea fowl

A dish made by slowly simmering guinea fowl, which is also used as game meat, in a special soup. This dish is so tender that it can be easily cut into pieces, and the flavor of the soup and chicken fills your mouth.


Oysters are a specialty of Brittany in France and can be eaten all year round. The common way to eat it is with lemon juice or vinegar.

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