Presentation of Alsace Region

Colmar cityscape

Region Description

The Alsace region is located in the northeast of France, facing Germany. Throughout its long history, the region has a history of being captured and recaptured by Germany, so it is a region that retains a strong German culture. The main city is Strasbourg, and the Alsatian wine fields extend to the south. In the winter, a Christmas market is held and the area is crowded with many tourists.

Cities in Alsace



The central city of the Alsace region. The city is very famous for its Christmas market. Other highlights include the red cathedral, the intricate riverside area, and Petit France.


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It is a town located south of Strasbourg. It is a popular tourist town with cute pastel-colored half-timbered houses. Alsace is also famous for its wine production.


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Mulhouse is a city in the southern part of Alsace, with a majestic cathedral and a distinctive town hall in the square in the center of the city. In addition, on the outskirts of town is the largest car museum in Europe, with approximately 500 cars on display from a wide range of eras, from retro cars to modern sports cars.


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Specialty in Alsace

The Christmas market is one of the most famous in France, as it is influenced by German culture. You can also see its influence in dishes such as choucroute and Gugelhupf, as well as in timber-framed architecture.