Specialty in Alsace Region

Strasbourg Christmas Tree

The Alsace region, including Strasbourg, is located right next to Germany, so its culture has been greatly influenced. Here we will introduce you to the specialties of the Alsace region.
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Christmas Market in Strasbourg

The most famous Christmas market in Alsace is the Christmas market. Markets are held in each city every December. Christmas markets are held all over France, but it is one of the most famous in France as it is close to the real Germany. There are many things for sale, including Christmas decorations and food such as mulled wine and waffles. We also recommend looking for souvenirs while eating your way around. The venues are mainly squares in the city, but in every city it seems that the largest number of events are held in front of churches. Many places hold events until the end of the year or into the new year, so you’ll have a chance to stop by even if you’re visiting after Christmas.

Alsace House in Colmar

It has a unique architectural style with a wooden frame that is visible from the outside. Although it can also be found in Brittany, it is generally said to have been influenced by Germany. Just walking through places like Petit France in Strasbourg and Colmar will make you feel like you’re strolling through a fairyland. If you look at the windows, you’ll see heart patterns in some of them, making them look cute.

Specialty product

The area’s specialty is the linen fabric called Kelsch, which is unique to this region and has a distinctive checkered pattern. Some items feature red, the theme color of this region, and are recommended as souvenirs.



It is a local dish made by steaming sour cabbage with sauerkraut and sausage and potatoes. This is also a dish from Germany and is generally eaten from a pot onto a plate. It’s a dish that will warm you up in the cold Alsatian winter.

Tarte Flambée

Tarte Flambée is an Alsatian style pizza and is also written as Flammekueche in Alsatian. It’s a simple dish made of thin dough topped with bacon and sliced onions. You may also find them at restaurants and Christmas market stalls.


A classic sweet from the Alsace region. In terms of food culture, it is heavily influenced by Germany, and is a brioche with a hole in the middle. It is made from a special mold, and molds are also placed in ordinary French households. There are miniature size ones available as souvenirs, and the molds themselves are decorated so they can be used as interior decorations.

Gugelhupf mold

Alsace Wine

Alsace is one of France’s leading wine producing regions. White wine is especially famous, and many of the varieties are the same as those in Germany, but they tend to be dry and have a strong aroma. There are vineyards located north and south between Strasbourg and Mulhouse, and tours along the wine routes are also available. Even if you don’t have the chance to go to a Christmas market in winter, if you’re a wine lover, it’s worth visiting during other seasons.


They produce a beer called ”1664,” which is a beer brand from the Alsace region and is especially popular in France, and you can buy this beer anywhere in France.

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