Specialty in Alsace

The Alsace region is influenced by the German culture because this country is beside this region. We’ll see what regional specialties exist.

Christmas Market

The most famous event in Alsace is the Christmas Market. The market takes place in cities from the end of November. Certainly, this market is open in French cities, the market in Alsace is famous all over the world because of the German culture. We can find it by the Christmas decoration, the hot wine and the waffle.

Alsace wine

The Alsace is one of the regions of wine in France. In particular, the white wine is popular and the variety of vine is the same with Germany. There are wine fields between Strasbourg and Mulhouse. We can participate in a guide tour to visit those wine fields. Even if you don’t have the chance to visit this region, we can benefit the wine in others seasons.

Alsace House

This is the traditional house in this region. It’s constructed in wood and with various colors. We can find it in the Bretagne region like Rennes, but it comes from Germany. When we walk in the Small France of Strasbourg and Colmar, we feel that we are in the fantasy world.

Alsace Torchon

The traditional torchon in Alsace is called Kelsch with the special motif. In general, it has the red color because it is the regional symbol.


It’s a traditional cake in Alsace. The food culture is influenced by Germany like this cake. The Gugelhupf mold is sold with the beautiful decoration of the souvenir.


It’s a regional food in Alsace. We heat the choucroute(sauerkraut) with the sausage and the potato in a casserole.

Tarte Flambée

It the Alsace style pizza. We heat with the cut onion, the bacon, the cheese and the sour cream.


It’s the beer company in this region. It fabrics the beer “1664” which is famous and sold in France.