Presentation of Auvergne

Region Description

The Auvergne region is located in the center of France and there is a vast nature with mountains. As some mountains are volcano, we find black buildings made by the volcanic stones and some towns of the hot spring like Vichy.

Cities in Auvergne


It’s the principal city in this region. The cathedral is black for the volcanic stones. In addition, we can discovery the History of Michelin at a museum.


There are two rocks in the town. The statue of Virginly Maria and a chapel exist on each rock. That’s why, this town is the start point of the Pilgrimage to St-Jacque of Compostelle in Spain. And many visitors come for the pilgrimage. The lace and the lentils are the specialty in the town.


It’s a city famous for the hot spring and Napoleon benefited it for the cure. Although it’s impossible to take a bath, on can drink the hot spring. And the mineral water is popular as well.


It’s a town where the biggest roman style abbey in the region exists. We can see the delicate decoration at the interior and the exterior of the abbey. When you go up on the clock tower, we can see the beautiful landscape.


We can see a roman style cathedral as well as Issoire. If you get a key at the tourist information center, we can admire a precious Jesus’s painting at the floor of the cathedral.

Specialty in Auvergne

As it takes advantage of the nature, in particular of the volcano, we can find black buildings constructed by the volcanic stones. Concerning the regional food, there are special food like Aligot which is the potato and the cheese and Tripoux which is the stomach of the sheep.