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Clermont Ferrand cityscape

The Auvergne region, located in central France, is also famous for its volcanoes. Here we will introduce some of the characteristic architecture and famous landmarks.
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Clermont Ferrand cityscape

The Auvergne region is a volcanic region, so the town’s buildings are made of volcanic rock and are entirely black in color. In particular, the cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand is completely black from the outside.

Celestin Hot Spring Water

The Auvergne region is a volcanic region, so there are hot springs. Vichy is especially famous for its hot springs, where you can freely drink mineral water from Celestin. Speaking of mineral water, Volvic is also available in this region.

mineral water in Auvergne

Le Puy en Velay

Le Puy-en-Velay is considered the starting point for one of the four pilgrimage routes to Spain. There are two rocky mountains in the city, one with a statue of Mary and the other with a chapel, and many pilgrims visit this place every year.

It is also famous for having several Romanesque-style churches along the pilgrimage route. The interior is decorated from floor to ceiling, making it feel like you’re looking at a work of art. It can be seen in the cities of Brioude and Issoire, where you can see the precious ceiling painting of Christ.

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lace in Le Puy en Velay

Le Puy-en-Velay is famous for its delicately woven lace, making it the perfect souvenir.



By mixing a lot of cheese with the potatoes, it becomes a delicious food that stretches out. It is generally eaten with meat such as sausage.

Auvergne salads

This is a typical salad served with Cantal cheese, which is said to be the oldest in France. You can find it on appetizers at restaurants.


This terrine is made with vegetables and can be eaten as an appetizer. It is eaten with a special sauce made with nuts.


This is a local dish made with sheep’s stomach stewed in a special soup. It has a chewy texture and is simmered with herbs, so it has no odor and a refreshing taste.


It is a small bean that is commonly grown in this region. Le Puy-en-Velay is particularly famous for its production. Boil it as is and eat it as an accompaniment to meat dishes.

Hotpot in Auvergne

This is a soup dish in which vegetables such as cabbage are stewed with meat. The meat is infused with citrus flavors and herbs, making it the perfect dish for a refreshing and warming meal.

Cabbage roll

This is the well-known cabbage roll. At the restaurant I went to, they wrapped duck meat inside and simmered it in onion soup.


It is a mixture of potatoes and cheese and can be eaten as an accompaniment to steaks, etc., as shown in the photo.

Fruit pate

It is a sweet confectionery made with fruit. This is a dish that has the sweetness of candy and the flavor of fruit that fills your mouth.

Pastilles Vichy

This is a mint-flavored sweet that is famous from Vichy. You can find it in any supermarket in France, and it is also popular as a souvenir.

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