Specialty in Côte d’Azur

Village perché

There are villages perchés in the interior region although it is famous for the Mediterranean Sea.

The villages are on a hill and buildings are made by stones like Eze, Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

As we can find the medieval view, many travelers visit those villages.

We can visit by bus from Nice.


As it’s a resort region, the casino exists in certain cities in this region.

It’s the chance to have a special night by the casino game in Nice, Cannes, Monaco et Montan although the scale is different in each city.

Modern Artist

Many artists are fascinated by the Mediterranean Sea.

Jean Cocteau, Chagall and Picasso stayed in the region and painted many artworks.

We can find their artworks in the museum of Jean Cocteau in Montan, of Chagall in Nice and of Picasso in Antibes.


Menton is near Italia and famous for the lemon.

The lemon festival takes place in February with the parade of the monuments made by lemons.

Salads of Nice(Salade niçoise)

It’s a regional salad with the tuna and anchovies.

As the seaside region, the seafood is popular.


It’s a special food in Nice and like biscuit of chickpea.

We can buy on the street of the old area in Nice.

The exterior is crispy and the interior is elastic.


It’s the regional food. It’s like pizza of onion, anchovies and olive.

Bagnat Bread (Pain Begnet)

It’s a regional sandwich although it looks like a hamburger.

We can buy one in the bakery shop.

The salads of Nice are contained in the sandwich, so there is tunas, anchovies, lettuces, tomato and onions.


Although the farcis is the food consummated in France, it’s one of regional foods in Côte d’Azur.

We cook vegetables like tomato and paper with hashed meat in the oven.

Tarte of Chard(Tarte de blettes )

It’s a regional tarte with the chard and raisins.

As the ingredient is like salads, we eat at the beginning of diner or at the dessert.

The taste is sweet.