Specialty in Bourgogne

Bourgogne region has been a country before and is a region of wine at present. But there are other specialties.

Panel on the street

We find panels on the street in cities of Bourgogne.

When we follow the panels, we can visit sightseeing spots in the city.

This icon of this picture is the symbol in Dijon.

Decorated roof

We find sometimes the decoration on the roof in the city.

In general, the roofs of churches and of luxury residence are decorated.

In particular, the roof of the ancient hospital in Beaune is famous and a lot of visitors come to see it.

Bourgogne wine

There are vast wine fields on the wine route named Grands Crus Road in the south of Dijon.

We find the wine field of Romaneé Conti on the road.

When we visit in the autumn, we discover the golden wine filed called “Côte d’Or”.

We can visit by car or by the guide tour.

wine field of Romaneé Conti


It’s the specialty in Dijon.

We eat it with the meat but we use it as the sauce.

The taste isn’t so spicy, so we can eat even if you don’t like the spicy food.

In particular, Maille de Dijon is the popular bland.


It’s one of regional foods in Bourgogne although we can eat it in France entirely.

As we eat them in the Christmas, the escargots in Bourgogne are cooked with the basil sauce.

Œufs en meurette

It’s the poached egg in the Bourgogne red wine sauce.

Ham of Bourgogne(Jambon persillé de Bourgogne)

It’s the ham formed by the gelatin.

Bœuf bourguignon

It’s the famous specialty in Bourgogne.

We cook the beef, the bacon and the vegetables in the Bourgogne red wine sauce.

Chicken in the wine(Coq au vin)

It’s the chicken cooked in the red wine sauce.

Chicken Gaston Gerard(Poulet Gaston Gerard)

It’s a specialty in Dijon. It’s the chicken in the mustard sauce.

The wife of mayor in Dijon, Gaston Gerard invented this meal by error when they invited their friends in the house.

The sauce is made by the mustard, the white wine, the sour cream and the Comté cheese.

Bread with spice and cassis ice cream(Pain d’epices à la glace cassis)

Although we eat the spiced bread often in France, the habitants in Dijon eat more than the others in France.

The cassis is famous in Nuits-St-Georges on the wine road.

The museum exists in the village.


It’s the regional bread.

It looks like the cream puff, but it’s a small pastry puffs with cheese.