Specialty in Burgundy

Dijon Cityscape

The Burgundy region in central France was once home to the Duchy of Burgundy. Decorations from the time of the Duchy can be seen in many places in this region. It is also world-famous for its wine production, including Romanée-Conti, and many local dishes use wine.

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Panel on the street

In the towns of Burgundy, there are plates with patterns on the roads. This is a tourist route guide, and if you follow it, you can tour the city. The patterns depicted are related to the city.

Hotel Dieu in Beaune

Roofs in Burgundy have patterns that are not seen in other regions. They are rarely seen in ordinary houses, but are often seen in churches and mansions. In particular, the roof of Hotel Dieu in Beaune is very beautiful and is a famous tourist spot.

Specialty product


Mustard is a specialty of the capital city of Dijon. It is often used as an accompaniment to meat dishes, but it is not too spicy, so even people who don’t like mustard can enjoy it. Among them, Maille stores are famous, and you can buy this brand not only in Dijon but at any supermarket in France.


Golden wine field in Burgundy

Wine is one of the specialties of this region. The wine route, which begins in the south of the central city of Dijon, is filled with endless vineyards, including the famous Romanée-Conti, and the scenery that can be seen when the leaves turn red is also known as the “Golden Hills.” Among Burgundy’s wine fields, the Côte d’Or region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most wineries are visited by car, but you can also take a tour from Beaune.

wine field of Romanee Conti
wine field of Romaneé Conti


Escargot is one of the most eye-catching French dishes, and is a specialty of Brittany. Add basil and garlic sauce and heat in the oven. It is one of the dishes commonly eaten at Christmas in France, but it is a dish that even French people are divided on whether they like it or not. The texture is very similar to shellfish.

Poached Eggs in Red Wine

A dish that combines red wine-based soup and poached eggs. The soup itself has a strong red wine flavor, but breaking the poached egg yolk makes the taste smoother and easier to drink.

Burgundy parsley ham

An appetizer dish made from Burgundy ham hardened with gelatin. The gelatin contains parsley, which makes the ham chewy and has a refreshing taste.

⑧Beef bourguignon

Beef bourguignon

The literal translation is Burgundy-style beef. It is one of the most representative dishes of this region, made with beef, bacon, and vegetables simmered in Burgundy wine. A beef stew with a deep flavor that has the flavor and richness of wine.

Coq au vin

A dish of chicken slowly stewed in Burgundy wine. This dish has been simmered for a long time, so the flavor and richness of the wine has really soaked into the chicken.

Chicken Gaston Gerard

A chicken dish made with Dijon’s famous mustard. This dish was created when the wife of Gaston Gerard, the mayor of Dijon, accidentally added mustard to chicken when she was preparing it to serve to guests. For this reason, the sauce contains mustard, as well as fresh cream, white wine, and Comte cheese. The rich sauce, which has a strong cheese flavor, goes perfectly with the chicken, which falls apart easily.

Gingerbread with blackcurrant ice cream

Pain d’Epis is a bread with spices and honey added, as its meaning is bread made with spices such as ginger. This bread itself has been around for a long time not only in France but also in Europe, but it is famous in France for its large production of Dijon. Nuits-Saint-Georges, one of the villages on the wine route, is famous for its production of Cassis, and there is a Cassis Museum on the outskirts of town.


This bread looks very similar to cream puff dough. There’s no cream inside, so it really tastes and feels just like dough. It can be found mainly in bakeries in Burgundy.

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