Specialty in Provence

Marseilles port

The Provence region of southern France, including the Mediterranean Sea seen from Marseille and Avignon where the Papal Palace remains, is a region full of attractions both by sea and land. Let’s take a look at what’s in store in this region where the sun shines brightly.

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Calanques are narrow, steep-walled coves that are common along the Mediterranean coast. Les Iles, which can be reached by boat from Marseille, allows you to see many calanques and feel the magnificent nature.

The Rhône River, one of the four major rivers in France, splits into two in the south of the city of Arles, and refers to the delta region that extends to the Mediterranean Sea. Because it is a wetland, a vast natural environment remains, and you can see the unique scenery of this area, such as salt production and flamingos.

Specialty product

Marseille's soap

Marseille soap, also known as “Royal soap,” is made from 100% natural materials and is mainly made with olive oil produced in this region. The brand has been preserved for centuries as a high-quality soap based on the manufacturing method established by the Sun King Louis XIV. It’s easy to find at souvenir shops, so it’s recommended as a souvenir.


Cicadas are not everywhere in France. Therefore, in the Provence region where cicadas live, they are considered a symbol of happiness, bringing happiness with the arrival of summer. If you look at souvenir shops, you can find many items with cicada motifs.

Santons of Provence

Santon dolls are commonly seen around Christmas time. Place ceramic dolls at the foot of the Christmas tree to recreate the Nativity scene. The dolls will be sold at Christmas markets.



It is a famous fish dish that is a specialty of southern France. It is a local dish originally made by fishermen who simmered the fish they caught that day with saffron. It basically refers to soup made with seafood stock, but it is also eaten with stewed ingredients. There are many restaurants in Marseille that serve bouillabaisse, but many require reservations, so be sure to plan your visit in advance.

This is a famous sweet from the Provence region. It is a diamond-shaped sweet made with candied fruits and almonds kneaded into it, with a white cream on the top and a baked sweet on the bottom. Aix-en-Provence in particular has some famous and long-established shops.

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