Presentation of Lorraine, Champagne

Region Description

It’s a part of the Grand East region in France. Nancy is the principal city of Lorraine and Reims is the principal city in Champagne. We can find the art nouveau in the city of Nancy. Of course, the quiche Lorraine is the regional specialty, but there are other specialties in the region like champagne.

Cities in Lorraine and Champagne


It’s the city of the art because the art nouveau developed here. Although we can find the decoration by the buildings, the decoration of the Stanislas Square is the most beautiful.


The cathedral of Metz uses the yellow stones. In addition, we find artworks of Chagall as the stained-glass. The Pompidou Museum is in the south of the station.


It’s the principal city in Champagne. The French kings hold their coronations in the cathedral for many centuries. So, the decoration is delicate and beautiful. We can find the champagne fields and wine shops in urban.

Specialty in Lorraine and Champagne

The macaron and the madeleine are the regional sweets as well as the quiche Lorraine and the champagne. The Mirabelle is the fruit harvested in this region and we use the fruits for the candy and the cake. In addition, as the tomb of St Nicolas who is the original of the Santa Claus exists in this region, the festival of St Nicolas takes place in the winter in certain cities like Nancy.