Specialty in Lorraine, Champagne

Reims Cathedral

The Lorraine-Champagne region, a region east of Paris, is also famous for its champagne production. Quiche Lorraine, which can also be found in bakeries, is also a specialty of the Lorraine region. Let’s take a look at what other specialties there are.

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Art Nouveau gate in Nancy

Nancy, the capital of the Lorraine region, is a city where the design style known as Art Nouveau flourished, and its characteristics can be seen throughout the city. Art Nouveau is characterized by curved shapes and the use of natural objects such as plants and animals as motifs. On the outskirts of town, there is a museum exhibiting works by the so-called Nancy School of Art Nouveau.

Festival of Saint-Nicolas

This festival celebrates the saint who is the model for Santa Claus. St. Nicola’s grave is in a church in the Lorraine region, so grand events such as parades are held during Christmas, especially on December 6th. The event is similar to the famous Christmas market in Alsace, but in cities such as Nancy, it has a strong meaning of celebrating St. Nicholas. From late November, projection mapping will be held on Place Stanislas in Nancy, and sweets modeled after St. Nicholas will be sold around the city.

Chocolates of St Nicolas



It goes without saying that only alcoholic beverages harvested and produced in the Champagne region can be called champagne. Reims, the capital of the Champagne region, has Champagne vineyards spread out on the outskirts and you can visit domaines.

Pâté Lorrain

This meat pie is a local dish from the Lorraine region. There’s minced meat inside the puff pastry, and I personally think it’s a Western-style Chinese steamed bun. It is also sold at Christmas markets, making it suitable for eating while walking.

Bouchée a la Reine

It is a local dish called the queen’s bite-sized thing. The name was given to it by the wife of Louis XV, who made the original dish into a size that was easier to eat. Specifically, it is a dish in which cream stew is placed inside a pie crust and baked in the oven. During the colder months, you can often find it at delicatessen shops.

Quiche Lorraine

This is a famous local dish in the Lorraine region. Although its origin is in the Lorraine region, it is sold all over France because it is easy to make, and it is also a dish that everyone brings at potlucks. It is generally made by pouring bacon, onions, and cheese into puff pastry along with eggs and baking it in the oven.


Macarons, a stylish French sweet, are also a specialty of Nancy. However, it does not refer to the cream filling that you often see, but only a large piece of dough that is kneaded with almond paste. French macarons have their own characteristics depending on the region.


Mirabel, a specialty of this region, is called “Western plum.” Although it is sometimes eaten as is, it is often used to make tarts or as candy as souvenirs.

Biscuit Rose

Reims’ famous pink biscuit. You can find it at any supermarket in France, but one of the most famous is Fossier in Reims. Rather than eating it on its own, it is often served with the famous champagne. By the way, biscuits get their name from the process of baking them twice (bis) and baking them twice (cuit).


There is a theory that Madeleine originated in a town called Commercy in the Lorraine region. Its scallop shape represents the symbol of Saint James.


This is a famous Metz sweet that consists of orange, yellow, and red macarons sandwiched with strawberries and almond paste. It is a relatively new sweet that won an award in a local contest in 2007. The name is just a combination of Paris and Metz, reminiscent of Paris-Brest.

Rum baba

It is a sweet made by soaking brioche dough in rum syrup. It is said to have originated from Stanislas, the former King of Poland who ruled Nancy, who made sweets from his hometown pickled in syrup.


It is a sweet that is sold around Christmas time in this region. There are cookie sticks sprinkled with powdered sugar and coconut flavors.

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