Specialty in Lorraine and Champagne

Lorraine and Champagne are the parts of the Grand East region.

We present you regional specialties.

Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau developed in Nancy and we can find the decoration on the buildings.

The curved line and the motif of plants and animals are features.

The museum of the study of Art Nouveau in Nancy exposes the artworks.

Festival of Saint-Nicolas

It’s the festival of Saint-Nicolas that is the origin of the Santa Claus.

As the tomb is in a church in this region, we celebrate from the end of November and the parade takes place in December 6.

Although there are the Christmas Market like in Alsace, it’s for Saint-Nicolas.

We can see the projection mapping in Stanislas Square in Nancy and the chocolate in form of Saint-Nicolas in the chocolate shops.


We can visit the wine fields and the boutiques of champagne in Reims.

Quiche Lorraine

Although we can eat the quiche Lorraine anywhere in France at present, it’s the regional specialty.

In general, it includes the bacons, the onions and the cheese.


Although the macaron is famous all over the world, the macaron in Nancy doesn’t include the cream and doesn’t have various flavors.

The almond paste is used in the macaron.


It’s the regional fruits. We eat the Mirabelle tarte or the candy.

Pink Biscuit(Biscuit Rose)

It’s the specialty in Reims. In particular, the biscuit of Fossier in Reims is famous.

We eat with the champagne.


We say that the origin of the madeleine is from Commercy of Lorraine.

So, the madeleine of Commercy is popular.

The shell is the symbol of Saint Jacob.

Pie Lorraine(Pâté Lorrain)

It’s the specialty in Lorraine.

It includes hashed meat in the pie.

We can buy in the Christmas Market.

Mouth of Queen(Bouchée a la Reine)

Although we eat it in Christmas, it’s the regional food.

The name comes a history that the queen of Louis XV demanded to make a small dish to eat easily.

We integrate the cream stew in the pie and heat in the oven.


It’s a cake of Metz. It’s the macaron colored in yellow, orange and red.

The cream, the almond paste and the strawberry are sanded by two macarons.

It’s the cake got a prize in the regional contest in 2007.

Baba of rum(Baba au rhum)

It’s the brioche within rum.

The origin is that Stanislas who governed Nancy put sweet in rum like his mother country.


It’s like a cookie in form of the baton with sugar.

We can buy it before Christmas.