Sightseeing route in Pérouges


【Village description】

This is a small village on the north-west of Lyon. The stone buildings remind the medieval epoch. Although the population was only 8 people at the beginning of 20th century, people came back because the village got a label of one of the most beautiful villages in France. They change in the medieval costume during the medieval festival in June. As the galette is the famous food, you should taste it.

【Overall rating】


【Time required】

 2 h


 0 euro



【Sightseeing route】


①Meximieux-Pérouges station

Gare de Meximieux-Pérouges

★If you visit by train, you get off here. When you leave from the station, turn left and when you arrive at a roundabout, turn left to go to Lyon St. Then, turn right at the crossroad to go up Pérouges St. When you arrive at a shop Antiquités Art Ancient, turn right and go up a path.

②Bus stop; Pérouges (if you come by bus)

★If you go to Pérouges by bus, you can take one in Lyon. The bus stop is marked on the following map. The bus company is AIN and the line is 132. The ticket is 2 euros for one way. When you get off the bus, go up Pérouges St and go to a path beside Antiquités Art Ancien. It takes 10 minutes by walk.

Time schedule of bus


Lyon    ⇒ Pérouges

 09:30      10:40

11:00         12:15

14:00      15:08

Pérouges ⇒ Lyon

11:50      13:05

12:52      14:15

15:53      17:15

17:57      19:15


Lyon    ⇒ Pérouges

08:30      09:39

15:30       16:50

Pérouges ⇒ Lyon

15:53       17:15

17:57       19:15

20:49       21:45

【Sunday, national holiday】

Lyon    ⇒ Pérouges

08:00       09:08

Pérouges ⇒ Lyon

18:52       20:15

As there aren’t many buses on Sunday and national holidays, you should visit on weekday or Saturday.

The site for the bus–fr-.pdf


※the pictures of the medieval festival

As Pérouges is a small village, you can visit without route map.

★The special food is the galette with the cidre which is the alcohol of apple.

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