Specialty in Rhône-Alpes

Annecy beautiful view

The Rhone-Alps region, which is close to Switzerland, is a region with many attractions, including Lyon, the Beaujolais region famous for Beaujolais Nouveau, and Grenoble, where the Winter Olympics were held. In particular, Lyon has long been a key point on trade routes, so a variety of ingredients can be obtained from all directions, and it is known as the “city of gastronomy” and has many famous dishes. Let’s take a look at what specialties this region has.

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Alpes Mountains

This region borders Switzerland and is close to the Alps. If the weather is nice, you can see not only the Alps but also Mont Blanc from Lyon. Ski resorts thrive in the winter, and in the mountain town of Chamonix you can take a ropeway to the top of various mountains.


This is the name of a typical restaurant in Lyon, the central city of this region. It is characterized by being cheap and filling, making it a good deal compared to other cities. A typical bouchon has red and white checked tablecloths, but you can find others that don’t.

Street in Oingt

It is an ocher stone mined in the Beaujolais region. There are many places in this region where the entire village looks golden because the mined stone is used as is for the houses.



It is one of Lyon’s signature dishes. It is made from minced fish shaped like a large sausage and eaten with crawfish sauce. It has a paste-like taste and texture, so it is a dish that Japanese people tend to like.

Salades lyonnaises

This is a dish that can be eaten as an appetizer in Lyon. It is characterized by adding croutons, bacon, and poached eggs to common salad ingredients such as salad leaves, lettuce, and carrots.

Silk worker's brain

Literally translated, it is a dish that uses cheese and is called “silk weaver’s brain.” It is often eaten after an appetizer or main course, and is served with potatoes or ham.

Poultry liver cake

Generally, foie gras is often made into a paste and eaten with bread, but here it is served in a fluffy spongy form.

Sausages in Brioche

A dish with sausage inside brioche, served as an appetizer. Brioche is made with milk, so it has a fluffy texture and sweetness, which goes well with sausage.


A French dish with thick sausage. Andouillette is eaten all over France, but Lyon’s version differs from others in that it uses beef instead of the pork intestines that are usually flavored with pork offal and stuffed into the intestines. Please note that the portion is large and many people may not be able to finish it all.

Sapper apron

This is a dish made from deep-fried beef’s second stomach. This part is elastic and very difficult to bite into. Since the taste is bland, it is eaten with tartar sauce.

Chicken of Bresse

Bourg-en-Bresse, located in the north of Lyon, is famous in France for its chicken production. The chapon from Bresse that is eaten at Christmas is considered to be the highest quality in France.

Gratin dauphinois

Potato gratin is a local dish from the region where Grenoble is located. It is made by stewing potatoes in béchamel sauce and then baking them in the oven, and is often served as an accompaniment to a main dish.


Raclette is a dish that comes to be eaten during the cold season. It is a specialty dish of the Savoie region near the Alps, and is eaten with melted cheese poured over potatoes or ham. At home, the whole family enjoys eating together using a special machine.

Gratin Savoyard

This is a dish that can be eaten at a restaurant in Annecy, in the Savoie region. It contains potatoes and onions, and many of the cheeses from the Savoie region melt and spread, making it rich yet creamy.

wine field in Beaujolais

The wine region famous for Beaujolais Nouveau is located about 30 minutes by car northwest of Lyon. Japan is the most popular export destination for Beaujolais Nouveau, which is grown in the vast natural environment and bathed in sunlight.

Braised sausages and potatoes with grapes

A local dish from the Beaujolais region. This dish is made by stewing sausages with harvested grapes, resulting in a sweet and sour soup.


It is a sweet that can be found in supermarkets around Christmas time. Papillote generally refers to a method of cooking wrapped in paper, but it also refers to this sweet called réveillon. Inside the package is chocolate and a small piece of paper. It contains funny short stories and quotes from great people. There are various theories about its origin, but it is said to be a sweet that originated in Lyon.

Coussin de Lyon

It is a famous Lyon confectionery whose origin comes from the fact that cushions were used as a tribute to the Virgin Mary. In keeping with that legend, it looks like a green cushion, and inside this green marzipan is a ganache made of almonds, chocolate, orange curacao, etc.


One of Lyon’s famous sweets, it is made by adding almonds and food coloring to sugar. You can find it kneaded into brioche or tarts, and as souvenirs you can find it in cookies.


It is a sweet made from thinly stretched dough that is fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Christians fast before Easter, and it is said that they were eaten to fill their stomachs before being unable to eat for a while. Although they can be found all over France, this thin shape is unique to Lyon.

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