Presentation of Côte d’Azur

Region Description

The Côte d’Azur is the region of the Mediterranean Sea. There are resort cities like Nice, Cannes and Monaco. So, many visitors come for the summer vacation. In addition, we find “the village penché” which the village on a hill to protect from the enemy’s attack like Eze in the interior region. Some modern artists like Picasso and Chagall stayed in this region and painted many paintings.

Cities in Côte d’Azur


It’s one of principal seaside cities in this region. There are resort hotels and casinos by the Mediterranean Sea. When we visit the old area, we find a different ambiance from the resort city.


It’s the most famous village perché in the region. We can go there by bus from Nice. Although it’s a small village, we feel that we are in a medieval world with the stone buildings.


It’s the second smallest country in the world and exists in France. As it’s a rich country, we find the luxury boutiques and high buildings in the city. The country takes place the Grand Prix of F1 on the city road. We find the Monaco King’s Palace in the old area.


It’s a town near Italia. There are orange and yellow buildings in the central area. It’s also the city of the lemon and the lemon festival takes place in February.


It’s the city famous for the movie festival in the world. There are hotels of the first class by the sea and we find the resort ambiance. But when we visit the old area, we find the local landscape. In addition, we can benefit a beautiful view on a hill of the old area.

⑥Île Sainte-Marguerite

It’s one of Lérins Islands where we can visit by ferry from Cannes. There is a fortress which was used as the prison and it rests the Iron Mask’s history. It is comfortable to walk while seeing the sea.

⑦Île Saint-Honorat

It’s another island of Lérins where we can visit by ferry from Cannes. The abbey possesses this island. So, we can find many chapels in the island. There is a fortress on the seaside and it’s possible to go up and to see the island on the top.


There is a fortress on a hill and we can visit there if you participate in a guide tour. In the town, we can visit the Museum of Picasso.


It’s one of villages perches in the interior region and popular for the visitors like Eze. Even if we walk in the village without map, we can benefit the medieval ambiance and the beautiful landscape.


It’s a vown near Saint Paul de Vence. Although it’s not a tourism town, the central area is surrounded by ramparts and we can admire a painting of Chagall in a church.

Specialty in Côte d’Azur

As it’s a Mediterranean region, the spot to visit is of course the sea. But there are touristic spots to visit as casino and village perché. Concerning the regional food, we can eat the Socca which is made by beans and the seafood like tuna and anchovies.