Specialty in Bretagne

Bretagne makes and keeps the original culture for centuries.

Galette of buckwheat

It’s the most famous regional food in Bretagne.

We can find easily the crepe restaurants in Bretagne cities.

We eat the galette with favorite ingredients like bacon and cheese or chocolate and honey.

The cidre, the alcohol of apple, is served when we order a menu of galette.

Kouign amann

It’s the bread of Bretagne.

As we cook with much butter, we feel the taste of the butter.

The regional foods in Bretagne use much butter like this.

Far Breton

It’s a cake in Bretagne. It is elastic and has purnes.

Quatre quart

We use 25% of the flour, the eggs, the butter and the sugar to make this cake.

As a quart of four ingredients is used, we call it Quatre quart (four quart).

Ker y Pom

It’s a bread in form of a straw hat.

It looks like the bread on a biscuit.

The sliced apples is in the bread but we can use the banana or the pear as well.

Bretagne Cake (Gâteau Bretagne)

It’s a cake with much butter. It is like a butter cookie.

Roll of guinea fowl (Roulade de pintade sévigné)

It’s a dish of the guinea fowl cooked with the special sauce.


It’s the famous seafood in Bretagne.

We can eat it every season.

We eat it with the lemon and the vinegar.

Oil Sardine

It’s a can of the sardine.

We can buy it at a special shop in the cities like Quiberon.

The taste is various and the can is small.

So, it’s good for the souvenir.

Salt of Guerande

Guerande is a city famous for the salt in Bretagne.

Although we can buy this salt in the supermarket, we find various tastes at the shop in Bretagne.

Pottery of Quimper

The pottery of Quimper is famous as well as Limoges.

There is a shop in the south of Quimper.

Although it is a bit far from the center street, you should visit.


It’s a character of a French manga of the Bretagne culture.

We can buy the goods in the souvenir shop.