Presentation of Bretagne

Region Description

Bretagne is the region in the west of France. As there is a reginal culture for centuries, they keep their Breton language at present. There are beautiful sites to visit by the sea and in the mountain. In addition, there are many regional foods like Kuign Amman and galette.

Cities in Bretagne


It’s the city in the east of the region. The visitors come to go to Mont-Saint-Michel. We find buildings of wood with the reginal decoration and a cathedral with the beautiful decoration.


There is a medieval fortress in the town. Although only the ramparts rest at present, we can feel the ambiance of the medieval era.


It’s a seaside village and surrounded by ramparts as citadel. We find another fortress on the beach and the citadel keeps the medieval ambiance.


It’s a typical town in Bretagne because we find buildings with bleu roof. There are touristic spots like fortress, clock tower and port. Even if you walk without map, it is comfortable.


It’s a port city and was the capital of Broërec. We find a motif of the regional symbol in the garden of the castle.


It’s a village with an old port. It’s a beautiful view when we see the port from a hill.


It’s a mystery town in France because of the rocks. There are millions of rocks put in row but we don’t understand the reason. In addition, it’s a seaside town and the thalassotherapy is famous.


It’s a seaside town in the south of Bretagne. We can benefit the beach and the oil sardine is famous.


We can go to this island by ferry from Quiberon. As it’s a big island, it’s impossible to visit for a day. So, you can participate in a guide tour.


It’s a city famous for the Celtic festival in August. As the city has been destroyed during the war, we find the modern buildings in the city.


It’s a town famous for the pottery as Limoges. We find the buildings of wood like Rennes.


It’s one of the most beautiful villages in France. It has the medieval ambiance and many visitors come to feel it.


It’s a city in the west of Bretagne. The name of the cake Paris-Brest uses a bicycle tournament between Paris and Brest. We find modern buildings like Lorient in the city. The fortress is used by the marine today but we can visit as a museum.

Specialty in Bretagne

The Bretagne people often use the butter for the cook and there are many regional foods like Far Breton and galette of buckwheat. In addition, we can taste the seafood like oyster and oil sardine.