Specialty in Occitania

It’s the region near the Pyrenees that has cities influenced by the Catalan culture.

We’ll see the specialties in this region.

Red buildings

Toulouse is called the pink city because of the red buildings.

We can see them in Albi as well.


The violet is famous in this region.

So, we can buy the violet candy and the violet soap as souvenir.

Foie gras

Although we eat the foie gras in Christmas, it’s the specialty in Occitania.

We can eat it in the restaurant as entrée.


It’s the famous regional food.

It’s the dish that we cook the white beans, the duck and sausages in a cocotte named Cassole in the oven for a few hours.

Duck confit(Confit de canard)

It’s the chicken thigh confit.

Although we can eat it everywhere in France, it’s the specialty in Occitania.


It’s a specialty in Toulouse although we eat often in a daily life.

It’s rolled and we eat it with a mustard sauce.


It’s a famous cheese in the world and a specialty in Languedoc-Roussillon region.

I ate a steak with the Roquefort sauce in Montpellier.

Escargots in Catalan(Escargot à catalane)

It’s a specialty in Catalan which we can eat in Perpignan car the city is influenced by the Catalan culture.

It’s escargots in a tomato and olive sauce.

Ball of Picolats(Boles de picolats)

It’s a specialty in Catalan.

It’s meat balls and white beans with an aioli sauce.

Cream Catalan(Crémé catalane)

It’s a dessert in Catalan. It’s like the crème brûlée. The surface is crispy.