Specialty in Occitania

Albi cityscape

The Occitanie region in southwestern France, where the Pyrenees Mountains straddle the border with Spain, is home to Toulouse, a world-famous city for aerospace engineering, Lourdes, where the Virgin Mary is said to have descended, and towns influenced by Catalan culture. It is a region with many towns, each with its own unique characteristics. Another feature of the restaurant is that you can enjoy not only the specialties of this region, but also the local cuisine of Catalonia. We will introduce you to some of the specialties of this area.

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Toulouse Street

Toulouse, the capital city of the Occitanie region, is commonly known as the “City of Roses,” and its buildings themselves are made of red stone. The characteristics of this building can be seen not only in Toulouse but also in Albi and other areas.

Specialty product

Violet products

Since violets are a specialty, you can buy soaps and candy made with violets at souvenir shops.

Local cuisine

Foie gras

Foie gras, one of the world’s top three delicacies, is a specialty of this region, along with truffles. In France, it is often eaten with an aperitif before an appetizer, and is eaten by spreading pasty foie gras on bread. Generally, it is often eaten during Christmas cooking.


This is a typical local dish from the Occitanie region. It is a dish in which white beans, sausage, duck meat, etc. are placed in a special container called casole and simmered for a long time.

Duck confit

A dish using duck thighs marinated in fat. The skin is crispy and the meat is tender enough to fall apart easily. It has a salty taste and is sold in cans at supermarkets across the country. Personally, this is my favorite French dish.


Sausage itself can be eaten anywhere, but Toulouse sausage is considered one of the specialties. At this restaurant, I ate sausage rolls with mustard.

Steak with Roquefort sauce

It is one of the three major blue cheeses in the world and is produced in the Languedoc region, where Montpellier is located. Generally, it is often eaten with baguette after a meal, but it may also be used in cooking.

Catalan snails

A dish eaten in Perpignan, a town influenced by the Catalonia region of Spain. The escargot is simmered in a rich tomato and olive soup for a long time, so the tomato flavor is fully absorbed.

Catalan Meatballs

This is also a local dish from Catalonia, and is made with meatballs and vegetables stewed with white beans and aioli sauce.

Crema catalana

A dessert from Catalonia’s local cuisine. The surface of the pudding is covered with crispy caramel like creme brûlée.

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