Specialty of Loire

It’s the region of the Loire river which is one of the fours biggest rivers in France.

We’ll see the specialties in this region.


There are many castles in particular on the banks of the Loire river.

So, many visitors come to the region.

We find the beautiful façade, the beautiful interior decoration with which we can image the life in the castle and the vast and beautiful garden.

Joan of Arc

There are sites where Joan of Arc appeared during the Hundred Years War.

She got audience with Charles IV in Chinon and released Orleans from the British army.

It’s interesting to visit while following her history.

Tarte Tatin

It’s the most famous specialty in the region.

It looks like an apple tarte, but we heat apples at first and put the pie.

It’s the sisters of Tatin made it by error.

Fish of river

The dish of the fish of river is eaten often in this region.

It’s delicious to eat with a white sauce.

Beuchelle of Tours(beuchelle de Tours)

It’s the specialty in Tours.

We cook sheep tripes, mushrooms, beef and pork with mustard and cream.

The chef Edouard Nignon invented this receipt to welcome the archduke of Austria.

Cream of Anjou(Crémet d’Anjou )

It’s a dessert in Angers where the big tapestry is famous.

Although it looks like a sundae of strawberry, but it’s the sundae of pear.

Nougat of Tours(Nougat Tours)

We can find this nougat in the bakery shop in the region.

It looks like an almond tarte rather than a nougat.