Specialty of Loire Valley

Chambord Caslte

The Loire region, located south of Paris, is a vast area where the Loire River, one of France’s four major rivers, flows. There are many castles remaining along the Loire River, and many tourists from Paris come to visit these castles. Here we will introduce some of the specialties of this Loire region.

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Chaumont sur Loire

The Loire region is famous for its many castles. A number of castles remain, especially along the Loire River, and many of them can still be visited as tourist attractions. The exterior of the castle, the interior where you can see how the aristocrats lived, and the garden with its colorful flowers are all unique and captivating to the viewer.

Joan of Arc

There are many places in the Loire region associated with Joan of Arc, who played an active role in the Hundred Years’ War with England. You can also enjoy a journey through her history, including Chinon, where she had an audience with Charles IV, and Orléans, where she led the city to liberation.


Tarte Tatin

The most famous dish of this region is tarte tatin. It’s a sweet like apple pie, but it’s made using a different manufacturing process: apples and butter are first put in a pot, then the pastry is added. It is said that this dish was created by the Tatin sisters who made it that way by mistake, and it is a famous story in France as a dish created from a mistake.

Freshwater fish dish

Dishes using river fish such as barracuda from the Loire River are also famous. The light taste goes very well with the creamy sauce.

Beuchelle of Tours

This is a specialty dish of Tours, the capital of the Loire region. It is a local dish made with sheep kidney, beef or pork meat, and mushrooms simmered in mustard and cream sauce. It was originally created in the early 20th century by Edward Nignon, a chef from this town, as a dish to entertain the Grand Duke of Australia.

Crémet d'Anjou

This is a specialty sweet from Anjou, a town famous for its giant tapestries. Creme d’Anjou is a special cream made by adding egg whites and seasonings to whipped cream, and is usually eaten as is, but where I ate it, it was served as a parfait.

Tours nougat cake

Bread that can be found at bakeries in this region. Although it is called nougat, it is not sticky, but rather a tart-like sweet with an almond flavor.

This is a traditional cake from Nantes in the western Loire region. It has an adult flavor based on pound cake with rum and lemon, and is characterized by the addition of sugar on the surface. It was born in the 18th century when these materials became available during the triangular trade, but there was a time when it was forgotten. It was revived by local sweets manufacturer LU and continues to this day.

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